Property Assessment

The Assessment Roll is now open for 2022 [March 4 - April 8, 2022] and assessment notices have been mailed to all assessed property owners.

Western Municipal Consulting Ltd., Meota, SK is the Board of Revision appointed by RM Council to hear any assessment appeals.
Assessment appeals must be submitted, using the appeal form on the reverse of your assessment notice, to the Secretary of the Board of Revision for the RM of Stanley No. 215 Western Municipal Consulting Ltd. P.O. Box 149, Meota, SK S0M 1X0

Appeal fees are payable to the RM of Stanley No. 215
Property values are determined by Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA)
Methods of Assessment - The methodology for calculating assessed value differs according to different types of properties. Listed below are the different ways this methodology is adapted.

Valuation Standards - There are two valuation standards set out in provincial legislation:
  • Market Valuation Standard; and
  • Regulated Property Assessment Valuation Standard.
Residential and commercial properties fall under the Market Valuation Standard. Provincial legislation deems these properties to have a "non-regulated property assessment” that is achieved when the assessed value of property: 
  • is prepared using mass appraisal;
  • is an estimate of the market value of the estate in fee simple in the property;
  • reflects typical market conditions for similar properties; and
  • meets quality assurance standards established by order of the agency.
Agricultural land, heavy industrial property, resource production equipment, railway roadway and pipelines fall under the Regulated Property Assessment Valuation Standard. Legislation deems these properties to have a "regulated property assessment”.


The provincial government mandates SAMA to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date. The current revaluation has been completed for 2021 using the 2019 base date. The next revaluation is to be done in 2025.

When a revaluation is completed, SAMA provides new values to municipalities.
Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.
  • For detailed revaluation information, visit the SAMA website.