Pest Management

Beaver Control Program (links to a new page)
Gopher (RGS) Control

Commercial product Rozol RTU (Chlorophacinone 0.005%) is available at:

RM office; $140 per 20 lb pail (limited supply)

Synergy Ag - Balcarres; 306 331 8411 (contact for supply availability)

Gopher Control Program Claim Form

Get up to 50% of registered gopher control product expenses

Deadline to return to the RM Office is July 28, 2023 -  4:00 pm

Rat Eradication
Pest Control Officer (PCO):  Ron Lang
Contact: 306 331 7455
Site visits typically begin in late July

Rat Bait available at the RM office:
  • Weatherblok | 4kg bag (blocks) $130 per bag
  • Ratak | pellets (place packs) $15 per 400g box
Bait stations available through PCO: $35