Building Construction

  • Building Bylaw 3-2020provides for regulation and permitting with respect to building construction in the Rural Municipality of Stanley No. 215 (including the Organized Hamlet of Westview and the Unorganized Hamlet of Birmingham); 
    • Section 4.(1)
    • A permit is required whenever work regulated by the Act and Regulations is to be undertaken.
  • An application for a permit is required to erect, place, construct, alter, repair, renovate or reconstruct a building;
    • Farm Buildings are currently exempt from this requirement,
      • "farm building” means a building associated with a farming operation, but does not include buildings associated with commercial operations, multiple-occupancy residences or assembly buildings;
    • The provisions of the building bylaw apply to all residential occupancies including dwelling units and houses located on farms or agricultural land.
  • Applications for permits are available at the RM office and can be downloaded here.
  • Council has appointed Reg Churko of RC Inspection Services as the Building Official for the Municipality under the authority of subsection 5(4) of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act;