Building Construction

  • Building Bylaw 3-2020 provides for regulation and permitting with respect to building construction in the Rural Municipality of Stanley No. 215 (including the Organized Hamlet of Westview and the residential area of Birmingham); 
    • Section 4.(1)
    • A permit is required whenever work regulated by the Act and Regulations is to be undertaken.
  • An application for a permit is required to erect, place, construct, alter, repair, renovate or reconstruct a building;
    • Farm Buildings are currently exempt from this requirement,
      • "farm building” means a building associated with a farming operation, but does not include buildings associated with commercial operations, multiple-occupancy residences or assembly buildings;
    • The provisions of the building bylaw apply to all residential occupancies including dwelling units and houses located on farms or agricultural land.
  • Council has appointed Reg Churko of RC Inspection Services as the Building Official for the Municipality under the authority of subsection 5(4) of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act;